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Removing the Names to Protect the Guilty

Apparently I’ve been on a hiatus. In general, if I don’t post for awhile, it probably means one of two things: either someone in my family has done something–possibly involving body art, sexual exploration, illicit substances, and/or the police– that … Continue reading

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Every Day I Write the Book

I’ve got a new work schedule, and it involves getting the mail as often as possible. Yesterday, I went out to retrieve it twice, even though it was there the first time. That’s how antsy the new arrangement makes me. … Continue reading

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Music to My Ears

I’m still struggling to comprehend it, but my 16-year-old daughter asked for–and received–the same thing for Christmas that I wanted when I was her age: a new turntable. I honestly didn’t know they made them anymore. She had been poking … Continue reading

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Make Room on the Mantle

Apparently I’ve been granted a Versatile Blogger award, which sounds suspiciously like something a blogger like me (ie severely lacking in readers, impact and lucrative corporate sponsorships) would invent to boost her profile. The only reason I even found out … Continue reading

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