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Removing the Names to Protect the Guilty

Apparently I’ve been on a hiatus. In general, if I don’t post for awhile, it probably means one of two things: either someone in my family has done something–possibly involving body art, sexual exploration, illicit substances, and/or the police– that … Continue reading

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With the Kids Away, the Snoop Will Prey

The house is quiet. The counters are strangely uncluttered. No dirty socks lie balled beneath the coffee table, no empty glasses litter the top. The bathroom sink remains eerily free of toothpaste streaks. Yes, it’s the high point of our … Continue reading

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No Writing on the Wall

I learned a valuable lesson this week: do not, under any circumstances, post a message on your teenager’s Facebook wall, especially if you think you are being a little bit funny. There’s only one exception: once a year, you may, … Continue reading

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Leaving No Panty Line

I was helping my 16-year-old daughter do her laundry the other night–in a hurry, as she was packing for a spring break house-buildng trip to South Carolina–when I noticed a small piece of red fabric caught in the bottom of … Continue reading

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